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These are my notes for setting up an encrypted LVM-on-LUKS container for my Linux installs. Each install currently needs an unencrypted EFI (/boot/efi) and boot partition (/boot) outside of the encrypted container. Normally, I boot to the install media and use the terminal to open the encrypted container and set all logical volumes active. I then do the install but do not reboot, mount the new install after the installation has finished, and make sure the /etc/crypttab is set up properly. If not, I set it up and then reboot into the new system.

Comments in the code below use the // style prefix so that there is no confusion with the standard # type comments since # is also the default root prompt.

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Fedora in WSL

Microsoft’s Windows System for Linux is coming along nicely and they are adding features that makes it easy to sideload your favorite distro. The best distro images to sideload are docker or server images due to the size — you really don’t want to do a full desktop sideload since most of the features won’t be very useful in WSL. I’ve written the following cheat sheet for installing Fedora in WSL but it can be adapted to many distros.

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Folding At Home: Install/Config

UPDATE: Now with Nvidia GPU folding! I’m still using an AMD RX580 as my primary video card with kernel amdgpu drivers, but I installed an Nvidia GTX 750Ti in a second slot to do the folding. I’ve modified the text below.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, Folding@Home is now sending out work units to help understand and combat this new virus. It is easy to install, configure, and run in both GUI and CLI Linux installs. The only issue I’ve seen is that I need to set it to run on idle only when playing games like ESO or framerates might drop.

The following instructions can be followed to install and run the client — instructions are based on Fedora/CentOS but it can give you an idea how to run it on your own distro.

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